"Let us be there for you . . ."

~ Graveside Angels

Graveside Gardening

It’s amazing how a few flowers or a small graveside garden can brighten your loved one’s final resting place.  We bring the flowers and plants of the season to help you express your love and affection.   Read more.




We offer seasonal cleanup and gravesite maintenance as a basic service.  Our caring staff will give you peace of mind knowing that your loved one’s gravesite is being cared for with dignity and trust.  Read more.

Saying Hello

We are there when you cannot be.  We will place mementos, symbolic objects, flags and carnations at Memorial or Veteran’s day,  recite verse, prayer, or  music to say “hello” from you and those who miss their presence in their lives.  Read more.

Site Portfolio

Bulb gardens

We can plant bulbs and in the spring and summer, your loved one’s graveside will...

Red lantern candle

We just added this beautiful red candle in a lantern to our add-on eternal light...

Fall bouquet

We will be there to brighten their resting place year round.

Just because

We have available several floral packages.  When you are feeling you want to say hello...

Graveside comfort & a memorial too.

If the cemetery allows, maybe a graveside bench in memorial?


We take pride in our caring of every grave site....

Special Days

An example from one of our grave sites on Memorial day.   

Grave gardens

Seasonal flowers in planters or cut for installed graveside vases.  

Seasonal bouquet

Beautiful seasonal arrangements